A tribute to famous timpanists

I wanted to make a special page for famous timpanists in the world, of yesterday or today.

How have I chosen them ? Well, they have all played or are actually playing in a world-class orchestra, and everybody can hear them in a great number of recordings and/or video broadcasts. I know I have forgotten many important players (please see my requests and help me to complete this gallery).

For each one of these great musicians, I've tried to add a photo. They are classed in the country in which they have worked (it may be different from their native country).

I think it's important, for a beginner timpanist, to have a famous "model" from whom he can learn many things, by listening to his records or watching video concerts. Of course, the best is to take real lessons with him ! I hope everyone will find his mentor in this gallery, but don't forget self-criticism is a good school too, maybe the best.

If you want me to add someone, please  me his name, his orchestra and the number of years he has been playing for. A photo would be welcome too.

Please have a look on my requests : I will update them regularly.

Since the gallery has become really huge, I have decided to divide it in three parts : there is one page for European timpani players, another one for Americans, and the last one is dedicated to people from other sides of the world. Please click on the area you want to see :

EUROPE                               AMERICA                               OTHERS


—  Jean Camozi (Orchestre National de France, eighties).

— German timpanists 
— Russian timpanists (especially Leningrad / St Petersburg Philharmonic players).  

— Czech and Hungarian timpanists (especially Czech Philharmonic players).

— … and, of course, famous timpani players from everywhere in the world (Central and South Americas, Asia...) !

Please  what you have about these players.